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Prince is dead.

Anyone who has been following me for a long time knows damn well that Prince was one of my favorite artists. I've covered about a dozen Prince songs in my life, and even flirted with the idea of doing a night of "Purple Rain" in its entirety with my friend Norman Kelsey. We never got…
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Bobby goes…Mexican?

Well, I've wanted to open a Taco joint for a long time, and I finally just said to myself, "What the hell?" and completely changed the menu of my place from American comfort food to 100% Mexican. It took about a month of menu planning, but from the time I told my employees to the…
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Chris Martin and me.

For the first (and probably last) time in my life, I am going to quote Coldplay:  "Nobody said it was easy..." Now Chris was likely talking about a relationship (I haven't paid enough attention to the other lyrics to really know for sure), but for me, that line keeps going through my head. It's been…
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