The Bognar Brothers are (or seem to be) for real!

Last Saturday's show with the Bognar Brothers at Molly Malone's was wonderful. The new song, "When I Die," was VERY well received, and we sounded more like a "group," I thought. We are jelling as a unit, and I think all three of us were very pleased.

Molly's liked us so much, that they asked us back for THIS Saturday, April 2nd (which happens to coincide with Garner's birthday), at 9:30pm. We'd love to see you there!

We started tracking songs for what was going to be a Bobby Bognar solo album, but is quickly morphing into a straight-up Bognar Brothers project. I can't wait to finally hear "Dr Bones" somewhere other than in my head!

On an unrelated note, this week I ran my fastest mile ever. I'm not going to say the time (Because it's only fast to me), but it was an amazing milestone for a guy who literally couldn't run 1/4 mile two years ago, and who now runs 10k's!

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