April 5, 2017

"Nothing is as quiet as a phone not ringing."

This is a lyric to a song I wrote a couple years ago, but it seems truer even now. Nothing more frustrating than having some momentum working for your artistic endeavors, then....silence. Callback after callback. Possibility after possibility. Will this be the break I've been looking for? Is this  the time that one of my ideas will catch on?

Well, so far, no.

But if there's one truth about art and artists, it's this: Once you quit trying to create, there's no hope, and hope is the main driver for people like us who want to create beautiful things and bring them to the world.

So I'm writing this today as a reminder to my artist friends (and to myself), that quitting just isn't an option. You need to keep creating, and know that you're just one ringing phone away from someone recognizing that what you're doing is valuable.

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